Our high-end Glacier Bay catamarans are the softest-riding cat boats on the water, offering maximum comfort in heavy seas. The boats’ full displacement hulls feature narrow sponsons that slice better through rough seas and the high tunnel of the design helps limit bottoming out. Onboard, you’ll be amazed by how luxurious an offshore boat can be: the cruising boat layout of all Glacier Bay’s features livable spaces, comfortable seating, and a hardtop.

WorldCat’s power catamarans are high-performance offshore fishing boats, perfect for the hardcore fisherman. WorldCat’s offer speed, comfort, and stability, thanks to a semi-displacement cat hull designed for performance at high speeds. WorldCat boats have one of the widest footprints in the water, offering the best stability and speed-to-comfort ratio, and the serious family sportsman will find that the deck layout is ideal for fishing.

Our newest line of offshore boats, the CarolinaCat, is an excellent way to discover the world of power catamarans. This good-looking cat features a planing hull with a flatter V-bottom surface that delivers maximum speed for the power. It’s true that some smoothness is sacrificed for this speed, but a CarolinaCat is still much smoother than a comparable monohull. With CarolinaCat you get a practical, tough, no-frills fishing platform at a great value.

With a forty year history and over 75,000 satisfied customers, Livingston catamarans are light boats designed to take a little bit of power and turn it into a whole lot of speed. With a simple deck layout that emphasizes load capacity and storage, a Livingston is a perfect fishing dinghy or second boat.

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