One vs. Two:

Greater stability, greater capacity, and greater efficiency
For thousands of years, fishermen have known that nothing beats a twin hull in rough water. Here are just a few reasons why the twin-hulled power catamaran design offers numerous advantages over traditional monohulls:

  1. Because it doesn’t pivot on the centerline like a monohull, stability is much greater in a catamaran. As It rises out of the water on plane, it remains stable.
  2. The wider footprint of the cat negates the effect of rolling seas.
  3. Driving a cat is more like driving a sports car than a motorcycle: turns are flatter and more stable than the leaning action of a monohull.
  4. No-wake zones are not a problem for cats: their long, slender hulls produce minimum wake at all speeds.
  5. The catamaran design allows the boat to drift sideways, so you can fish off the side. And when fish off one side, there’s no worry about the extreme listing of a monohull.
  6. Get access to areas that conventional hulls can’t reach, thanks to the shallow draft of the catamaran design provides.
  7. The twin-hull design of a cat means there’s less rocking than a v-hull in a beam seam.
  8. The relatively rectangular design of the cat’s expanded deck area allows for more room and greater load capacity.
  9. Unlike a monohull’s deck, a catamaran’s deck is parallel to the water at all speeds, allowing you to maintain your line of sight and giving you greater fuel efficiency.
  10. Monohulls are designed to plane at a particular speed and weight distribution. As weight increases and/or speed decreases, the stern settles, creating untrimmed conditions. As the boat pushes forwards, it creates a “hill” of water. In this bow-high position visibility is limited and the hull bottom is pounded. However, a cat avoids this condition, rising and falling evenly in the water as speed and/or weight distribution adjusts.

Cats track well in a following sea

A catamaran is much better than a monohull in a following sea, as a mono will plow into the front wave as they come down, then turn or pitch-pull when they plow into this next wave. Cats are more bouyant in the bow making a cat boat more relaxing to drive in a following sea.

Modern powercats have traditional boat lines

Every boater is aware that Australians and New Zealanders know their boats. And catamarans aren’t ugly to them: in fact there are four times more power cats in Australia and New Zealand than here in the U.S.. Modern U.S. cat boats have a very traditional rising bow shear like the other Carolina Sportfishing Boats. Some modern mono-hulls are now copying the square bow of cats to increase forward usable space, now who is more modern.

Cats are easy to drive and much more maneuverable than a monohull

Cats are incredibly simple to operate: once you learn the basics of keeping a proper trim you’ll be 90% of the way to being an expert. Boaters will tell you that learning to drive a catamaran was easy…and they’ll never go back to a monohull.

Modern cats can lean inboard when turning

Modern cats are designed to bank inboard, especially at high rates of speed. At slow speeds and during slow turns, cats do tend to lean slightly outboard, but the effect is so minor that you rarely notice. At high speeds, however, power catamarans bank inboard, just like a monohull.

Cats drift well in a beam sea

The twin-hull design allows for a smoother drift in beam seas, and settles much faster than a monohull.

Cats are BEAUTIFUL in rough seas

Some customers have the impression that cats are fine in three to five feet seas, but only monohulls can handle seas over six feet. This is just flat-out wrong: catamarans are superior in every way in rough seas. For thousands of years, fishermen have trusted the twin hull design to get them through big seas.

Experienced boaters prefer cats

Every fisherman knows that Australians and New Zealanders know their boats, because the smoothness of the ride, especially in their infamously rough water, is superior to any monohull’s. The truth is that boaters who have experience with both kinds of crafts almost always prefer cats. The PowerCat Group’s customer base is made up of experienced boaters who understand the advantages of a catamaran: 76% of them have owned three or more boats, and they choose a power catamaran.

Modern cats have the same quality as a high-end mono hull

The PowerCat Group was specifically founded to create a modern boat company that deliberately went against boating industry standards like inbreeding and fear of change. We utilize innovative and cutting-edge materials, processes, designs, and management techniques to build the highest-quality boats on the water. PowerCat Group is expertly managed by experienced executives, and has grown even in tough markets.

Cats are easy to learn to drive

Though catamarans are different boats from monohulls, with a unique handling all their own, learning to drive a catamaran is much easier than driving a conventional boat.

Cats are very stable in rough seas

One of our expert bloggers, Dean Travis Clark, recently took a 26′ cat from the Midway Islands to Hawaii, a trip that regularly featured eighteen foot seas. Try riding one of those in a 26′ monohull!

Cats love a head sea

Thanks to the twin-hull design, catamarans actually perform better in head seas compared to monohulls. The secret is how the unique hull design handles displacement.

Preserve your investment with a strong resale value

(more buyers of used cats than sellers)
It’s true, you rarely see a used power catamaran…but only because owners love their boats so much they never want to sell them! Of all the power catamarans built in the last decade, only 4% are available for resale. With so few used boats on the market, the resale value of these boats is actually quite high.

Cats are easier to load on a trailer and wind flows through the tunnel making the drive more steady

The twin hulls actually make the boats easier to trailer and easier to transport. Every catamaran trailer has a tracking pad that guides the hulls as you load or unload the boat. The unique design of the power catamaran creates less air resistance when on the move, meaning the boat is not only more fuel efficient on the water…it’s more fuel-efficient on land, too!

Cat boats are designed to flex like an airplane wing

At the PowerCat Group, we’ve worked with laminate experts to design our boats to flex, and we have over a decade over rigorous testing to prove that our design is safe and dependable. We have over 80,000 customers in cats and we’ve never heard of a cat boat breaking in half.

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